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As Georgians we pay some of the highest monthly energy bills in the country.

Georgia is the 3rd most energy-expensive state nationwide.

Georgians pay $349 per month on average for total energy costs.

How did our energy bills get so high? Look no further than Plant Vogtle.

This costly nuclear plant expansion is the most expensive energy project in state history. After 10 years, the construction of two nuclear units at Plant Vogtle is still years away from completion and billions over budget.


Amount of electricity the Vogtle expansion has produced.


Amount the average GA Power customer pays for Vogtle every year.

$2+ Billion

Amount GA Power has already collected from customers, most of which is profit.

$12+ Billion

Total profit GA Power will earn on this project.

We shouldn’t be on the hook for Georgia Power’s mistakes—every dollar sunk into this bottomless money pit is keeping us from smarter energy options.

Demand Action Against High Electric Bills

To address the problem of high bills in Georgia, we need solutions that give us meaningful opportunities to save energy - saving energy means saving money for all customers.

Despite its parent company Southern Company's pledge to go "low-to-no carbon" by 2050, Georgia Power fails to do the bare minimum when it comes to energy efficiency.

The Real Impacts on Georgians

A charge on your bill every month has bankrolled the budget overruns, delays and mismanagement at Plant Vogtle. The average household customer has paid nearly $600 to date. This money is supposed to finance the project, but the majority has really gone to Georgia Power’s pockets as profit.

And profits for Georgia Power will continue, if the project is ever completed. We will continue to pay higher power bills for the next 60 years.

It’s not just hurting Georgia Power customers. Most of Georgia’s electric membership cooperatives and municipal electric utilities (and a city utility in Florida) also have a stake in this project. Their customers will suffer too.

Georgia Power’s latest energy plan does little to help struggling families and seniors on fixed incomes statewide. To address the problem of high bills in Georgia, we need solutions that give us meaningful opportunities to save energy.

Because utilities like Georgia Power earn money on selling electricity—not saving it—there have not been any real efforts to help us increase the efficiency of our homes and businesses. That’s not fair.

Now is the time for Georgia to boost its investments in efficiency and solar programs. The cheapest energy is the energy we don’t have to produce. The better our homes and businesses are at saving electricity, the more money we all save. That’s a real win!

Cleaner, cheaper energy choices will protect Georgia customers, meet any increases in energy demand, and lower our bills.

Who’s in charge of our bills?

If you are a Georgia Power customer, the Public Service Commission (PSC).

What does the PSC do?

The PSC sets the electric rates for millions of homes and businesses, and regulates utilities like Georgia Power.

Why does the PSC matter?

These five people are elected statewide to represent all parties in the energy decision-making process. 

What can I do to make my voice heard?

Every three years, our PSC approves Georgia Power’s new energy plan—the next one is currently underway. Georgia Power has been the loudest voice in this important process—until now.

By investing in clean energy and energy efficiency programs instead of sinking our money into expensive, wasteful projects, the PSC can save us hundreds of dollars on our electric bills.

The PSC hears from Georgia Power and other special interests. A lot. It's time to hear from you!

Make Your Voice Heard