Demand Fair Energy Now

As Georgians we pay some of the highest monthly energy bills in the country.


Georgia is the 4th most energy-expensive state nationwide.


Georgians pay $344 per month on average for total energy costs.

The Real Impacts on Georgians

Our bills are already too high and now Georgia Power wants to hike up a mandatory monthly fee by nearly double, from the current $10/month to $17.95/month.

This fee, hidden on most customers’ bills, is charged no matter how much or how little energy we use—we would owe more than $215 per year in mandatory fees before even flipping on a light switch!

With Georgians already paying some of the highest bills in the county, Georgia Power’s proposed fee hike would especially hurt seniors on fixed incomes and working families earning lower incomes.

If approved, this proposal would become one of the highest mandatory monthly fees of investor-owned utilities around the country and would:

• Reduce customers’ ability to control their bills.

• Disproportionately hurt seniors on fixed incomes, working families on tight monthly budgets, and renters in apartment buildings who often use the least energy and are least able to afford higher bills.

• Discourage customers from investing in energy conservation measures and solar energy.

Fair Energy Now

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Who’s in charge of our bills?

If you are a Georgia Power customer, the Public Service Commission (PSC).

What does the PSC do?

The PSC sets the electric rates for millions of homes and businesses, and regulates utilities like Georgia Power.

Why does the PSC matter?

These five people are elected statewide to represent all parties in the energy decision-making process. 

What can I do?

The PSC approves Georgia Power’s plans for meeting our future energy needs and has the power to make the utility do more to help its customers. The PSC was clearly listening to Georgians when it recently ordered Georgia Power to invest more in affordable solar and energy efficiency.

But with Georgia Power’s attempt to increase mandatory fees on our monthly bills, our voices are more important than ever.

The PSC will be making a final decision about Georgia Power's proposed fee hike in December. Sign up to receive updates and learn more about how you can make your voice heard.

Stay Informed

Lessons Learned: Costly Consequences of Plant Vogtle

The costly Vogtle nuclear expansion project is a prime example of how current-day energy investments can create significant bill impacts that last for decades. Already the most expensive energy project in state history, two under-construction nuclear units are still years away from completion and billions over budget. While Georgians’ bills will go up if Georgia Power’s proposal is approved, our bills will only rise more after the Vogtle project is complete.


Amount of electricity the Vogtle expansion has produced.


Amount the average GA Power customer pays for Vogtle every year.

$2+ Billion

Amount GA Power has already collected from customers, most of which is profit.

$12+ Billion

Total profit GA Power will earn on this project.